Sunday, January 24, 2010


There's something really interesting about leaves. They're as unique as snowflakes and they fall from the sky too. I found this one downtown during a walk about shoot. Everyday now, as fall and winter have set in i see more and more leaves on the ground and wonder and realize how something so simple can yet be complicated and beautiful.

I like simplicity, I'm practical kind of guy. I still drive the truck i bought when i moved out of my parents' house. I'm due for new one sometime soon (waiting of the Obama bailout to lend a hand). I don't like complications, conversation that lead me away from what they are intended. My cameras are really basic and i like my photography the same. It's an instinct that its me.

Today many thought came to me. Some really cool ideas but I wasn't too quick to jump on any one of them. I'm going to start an idea book and just write them down. There is a time for everything and i can't say any of my new ideas have a place in my current state. But in the future who knows.

I shoot photography everyday for a living. 8 hours sometimes running about 3000 photos working with about 350 families. Posing them, shooting, selling photos, its a lot of work. When i come and on my weekends i suppose people are the last things i want to photograph. I found a really cool photo blog called Pentax Ways. The photos on their are just pieces of life. Little shots taken kind of like the leaf. Simple.

I'm not going to do things for the sake of some illusion of glory, fame, fortune, I have a job. I go to work I make a living, and sometimes i even have fun with it. On my days off I think i'll do other stuff. Cooking maybe. There's something so wonderful about food. its simple yet complicated and best of all its delicious.