Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breaking the Rules...Pentax Ist DS

Pentax *ist DS, FA28-80 3.5-5.6 Macro, shot at: 3200 iso

Tonight I went out with my old trusted friend the Pentax Ist DS. A camera that I originally bought for my sister but it eventually wound up with me, has done nothing more than deliver some amazing and outstanding results for portrait, fashion, nature, and all around photography for the last year or so. I really dig this camera. Its built solid and has amazing sharpness and color.

I went out to a popular hangout for the locals and tourists in town to do a little night photography. Tonight the weather was down to a brisk 50 and the temperate weather has had an effect on people as they are more wild and out of control. Here is a candid shot of guy who got stopped by security for horsing around. Just one of those moments that happens in life for there are those who make the rules and those who break them.

Sure rules are meant to be broken and most masters will agree that once you learn the rules, you will break them. But just how far can one break the rules before its considered going too far. For me following the rules makes me feel like a robot. My job is a pleasant one. I take pictures all day but it can get so repetitive, so impersonal, and so corporate-ized. It feels like a factory and i lose my heart and soul. I really don't feel much alive sometimes.

But on New Years Eve I managed to break the rules a little and i must admit I felt alive. More alive than i had in a very long time. So I guess breaking the rules isn't all bad, sometimes its very necessary. It keeps that keen instinct of being human and not being a tin man like on the wizard of OZ. But just remember if you break the rules...there is always hell to be prepared.