Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pentax Kx...Ready for Battle

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Pentax Kx - Ready for Battle.
My new camera with full metal jacket or should I say, a modded grip, the metz 48 flash, and a new long camera strap. Much of what comes into our lives we may not know what exactly it is for. I had moments of insight to create this grip for the camera which really helps in handling it but at the same time i can take it off and keep a small camera that i can take anywhere and everywhere.

So sometimes it may seem that things happen to us or we do things and we don't really know what will come of it or why we did it in the first place. This could be anything from buying something you've never wanted, quitting our jobs, breaking up a relationship and only when we wind up meeting ourselves in the future do we realize what are past actions were fore.

William Faulkner, the king of the short story, was a master at starting a short story but he also knew how to finish them for he said, "all things work out in the end."
In all life i believe this happens; all things work out as they are suppose to one way or another.
Its when we meet our future self by looking back in the past do we realize what life had in store for us.
I recall in the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure where Bill and Ted had to do these little things like steal Bill's dad's car keys, throw a garbage can out the windows, but it wasn't until they met their future selves did they realize what those past actions helped them accomplish.

So we never know what our current action and what paths we walk on now will lead us to till we meet our selves in the end. Then we can look back and say oh this happened so that that could happened. I met this person so that they could introduce me to that person and it goes on.
Like this i got a call to do a conventions job over at the Gaylord Palms. Some company called me out of no where. But then when I look back I remember doing a photo shoot for a hair stylist here in town. One of the girls worked at the Gaylord and asked me for a card. She added me to a list of photographers that she would recommend to clients. So if i had never done that shoot i would have never met the girl and i would not have the job lined up for me. It's all relative.
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