Tuesday, January 19, 2010

food for thought: COMPARISONS ARE UGLY

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There's a lady I work with and she's just a beautiful person to talk to. We fire off ideas back and forth as if we were throwing around lightning and when the sparks hit us we can see the light bulbs go off over our heads and we feel so inspired with what ever insight we shared with each other.

The other day she told me something that her mother use to tell her. "Comparisons are Ugly." It kind of flew by me pretty quick but as i worked on through the day, i have a lot of time to think about things, it dawned on me how more and more incredible her statement was.

How many beautiful and wonderful things do we miss out on. How many sunrises and sunsets and new people and new friends and new opportunities do we miss out on the joy of experiencing them because we are always comparing things to something else. Like getting a new car but comparing it to your old one or the one your friend has.

This has been on my mind so much lately, it seems like a habitual pattern, everybody does it, its so easy and it just really kills life. Each moment is special you will never regain that second, that minute that day, that week.

You've might have seen hundreds of sunsets in your life but you have never seen this one. Maybe you've seen a thousand full moons but you've never seen the one your looking at now. Instead of going through life comparing see things a new.
In Taoism its called Pu which means the un-carved block. Everything is new, everything is spectacular because we've never seen, tasted, touched, felt, ate, smelled, etc,..it before. Its all new.