Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Head Shots...Pentax Kx...on the job

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First assignment with Pentax kx. Head shots. It was a cold day down in the 30's. The camera came through with flying colors. Focus was fast, metering was spot on and colors were vivid.

Like anything new we are always comparing it with the old. Its hard to let go and be open when we cling to the past. I still cling to my first camera because i know it in and out, its simple. I know how sharp it is how the colors will be. The new on is a mystery to me. Its like a whole new relationship. The new one has tons of more features and in the end will probably wind up taking some amazing pictures in its lifetime.

Like a new pair of shoes eh. Where will their journey take them. The old shoes sit in the closet only remembering what they did and where they went. Still we take them out from time to time on the weekends when we want to relax cause the old and familiar feels just right.

It just takes a little time to break it in and get to know it. I'm very happy with the little camera as are many others who have it. A new camera for a new year.