Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pentax i*st D...Camera Credo...To See the World

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Here it is for sale. Gotta say good bye to the first born. I saved it from a liquidation wharehouse called Bargain-land on E bay. I had originally bid on Several Nikon d70's but kept losing the bids. So it was life trying to tell me it wasn't meant to be. I bid on this little camera and won. It came with a lens.

I took this photo using a small desk lamp with my new DIY macro studio which will be perfect for some food photography. The studio was a cinch to make. One box at Office Max 3.00, I sheet of poster board 69 cents, three sheets of paper, and some black spray paint I had lying around.

I went to school with this camera, did my first Freelance shoots with it. Did some stellar nature and flower photography as well as portraits and model shoots. Now its time to pass it on to a good home.

As I see there is a camera Credo. All cameras are promised at birth to see the world. Its what they were designed for. To see your family grow. To go where with you on vacation. They don't ask for much, just to go along and do what you do. Some create history, art, magic, some record history and some amazing moments in life. They can be there when you are born and when you breath your last breath. To keep a camera in storage is to kill it. This camera has many more years ahead of it. I'm sure I will find it a good home.
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