Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small Packages...

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Its amazing the differences between eastern and western cultures. In America we like everything big. Big cars, big houses, big money, big bling, big food like the big mac and the whopper not the mention BK's Big Fish which use to be called the whaler.

I was watching a cook off on the food network between Emeril Lagasse and Martin Yan. Emeril got a huge side of salmon and Martin got about a hand size portion. Martin Yan exclaimed how a fish the size of Emeril's would feed and entire village for a week but only one person here in America. Things that make you go hmmm...

And the list goes on with big bands, big gulps, big hair and super sized portions of Big Love. But yet there are many things that are good that come in small packages. Like Ramen. Who's doesn't like Ramen. You might find it hard to find a person who at least won't settle down to nice bowl of a 25 cent package of noodles and powdered salt flavoring at least once in their life. Many a college student owe their existence to this stuff.

In eastern cultures it seems to be the opposite of western cultures. Everything there is small. The smaller the better. Small cars, small apartments, small radios, small TV's that you can wear around your wrist. Even smaller are cellphones that can do it all and digital cameras that can almost do it all. In the east, small is cute, as the cute little girls walk around strutting their miniature hello kitty stuff.

I took this photo in a moment of spontaneous craziness. It had been a long hard week at work, lot going on with family coming in for the holidays and bordering on overload and burn out. So on this cranky morning when my sister cat kept bugging me to feed before i had even fed myself i told it to eat some Ramen and i threw the package in its bowl which just happened to be a perfect fit. The cat looked at the package with a crazy eye then shot me look that said, "what the hell is this...??" I fell over laughing because the cat's expression was priceless, so real because it was real. All caught on my cell phone cam. No need to bring out the big guns for this one.

Just goes to show you that good things come in small packages. At times I feel many photographers get so wrapped up on what equipment they have and what big lens they have, when sometimes all you need is a cellphone with a camera.

I'm glad i caught this moment because it reminded of what photography is really about. Capturing that moment in life and its not about what you have and how big it is, its just about living a bit, catching a breath, having a smile, and taking a pictures to remember the moment.