Monday, August 30, 2010

Walk About...I-Drive

I used to go on walk abouts all the time. My favorite place was International drive. Its a long strip filled with hotels and shops for tourists but its a nice place to walk as well. Last year I would go there just about everyday as I relaly loved walking. But after getting a full time job my walking days have come to be very few. I had been wanting to get back there and since I bought some new shoes today I-Drive would be a great place to break them in.
I saw this and thought it would be an awesome ad. A Harley store with a Harley in the front.

Besides hotels and touristy shops there are also some amusement and attractions on the strip.  This is Wonder Works a place that is a mixture of Ripleys, Video Games, and Science.  

This is a new hotel they just built.  The smaller one is behind this but this it's he biggest hotel on the strip and its pretty breath taking.

Next to the hotel there is a large Market place that has about hundred restaurants and shops and even a large movie theater.  This is the new section they have built.  Its probably the most color and original in the whole place.

So colorful and such a great mural.

More restaurants and shops.

Another day with the Pentax ist D and the FA 28-80 lens.  I've gotten my work flow down and what used to take me a few weeks it only takes a day to do with the editing and stuff. 
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Eola Sundays

I had not been out to Lake Eola in a few months since I've been so busy with other fun stuff on my free Sundays. But I got back there after running some erands...since I was near by. Not much has changed but there seems to be less people.
I saw this vacant building and fired the camera quick as I was at a red light. My Pentax istD is seems to have been reborn since I have started using Eneloop Batteries.

It was a cloudy day and when I saw this shot I thought of skywatch Fridays...I'm sure this will fit right in with their other pictures.

The Tea Party has moved into the the neighborhood and they carry around the first American flag.  I guess it fits right in with their ideals of a revolution.  But it seems they are going a bit backwards than forwards.  What is it that makes us cling to the past.  Are we really so afraid of the future.  I guess in these times we are all scared.

This is a memorial statue for Vets.

There was a long field of flowers and I caught this lonely butterfly busy at work.   It was a cloudy all day and I was using a low ISO so the shutter was slow.  This is the first time I've ever caught actual wing flutter which is nice...and different.

One of the reason I enjoy going to the Farmer's Market at Lake Eola is to listen to Joseph Martins play.  He has such a deep folk-y American voice...a mix of Johnny Cash and perhaps Niel Young.  He sings some old classics and some of his originals.  He used to be the singer for the Hindu Cowboys.   

There isn't much to do in Orlando, out side of the tourist stuff.  It's not like New York or Los Angeles.  Here is everyone's favoite past time.  You can drink at home or go out to one of the hundreds of bar/pubs they have around town.  

Here is another place located on the Lake. Its a nice place to eat but do they even serve food here.

On my way home I caught this graffiti on the side of a little Spanish Grocery.  These little stores have popped up all over town serving cooked food and they are usually plenty busy.

Ahhhhh....American Metal.  There aren't too many things built of steel anymore these days but Harley's are what America used to be all about.  Quality, workmanship, and pride.  

I caught this shot going back to my car.  its just one of those shots where you're like hmmm what do i see here. There area around Lake Eola has really been elevated in the last few years.  The area is called Thornton Park and its a but upscale and there many nice cars to photograph.

On the road I saw this old classic.  More American metal.  This is just like the Harley Before.  Many people have restored cars around here and they cruise them on Sundays.  There is also a place called Old Town than has classic car shows every Friday.  But this little gem is a dream

That's it for this Sunday.
All these shots were shot with a Pentax ist D and a FA 28-80 lens.  My old little camera is no match for the hot rod cameras that are out these days but much like the Harley and the old classic car above it is made of solid steel and though I never expect any trouble in my photography adventures, I'm sure if I ever ran into trouble, my camera could surely be used as a weapon for its feels like a metal brick.  The camera has recently come back to life after installing new Eneloop Batteries.  The camera actually function and feels brand new. 
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Sunday, August 22, 2010


 Gosh you don't see a cigarette machine very often.  Use to see these every where with the little pull out handles like on a table hockey game.  I used to spend my time pulling the levers as my mom shopped at the Montgomery Ward.  I also used to hang around the ash trays looking for burnt paper matches.  I use to eat them, weird i know but I like the flavor of burnt match, still do though I don't eat them anymore.

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Palms Trees and Guitars

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Dueling Guitars

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DYLAN'S Blues Harp

The was Bob Dylan's.  The man could write some awesome music.  Do people even play the harmonica anymore.  I think the last popular musician I saw play a harp was Bono from U2 during the Rattle and Hum album for the song Desire.  I found this harmonica at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, there is so much music memorabilia there, so much history that seems to be buried these days behind big business.  
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Roll with it...Van Halen

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Matt Stanley


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