Monday, August 30, 2010

Walk About...I-Drive

I used to go on walk abouts all the time. My favorite place was International drive. Its a long strip filled with hotels and shops for tourists but its a nice place to walk as well. Last year I would go there just about everyday as I relaly loved walking. But after getting a full time job my walking days have come to be very few. I had been wanting to get back there and since I bought some new shoes today I-Drive would be a great place to break them in.
I saw this and thought it would be an awesome ad. A Harley store with a Harley in the front.

Besides hotels and touristy shops there are also some amusement and attractions on the strip.  This is Wonder Works a place that is a mixture of Ripleys, Video Games, and Science.  

This is a new hotel they just built.  The smaller one is behind this but this it's he biggest hotel on the strip and its pretty breath taking.

Next to the hotel there is a large Market place that has about hundred restaurants and shops and even a large movie theater.  This is the new section they have built.  Its probably the most color and original in the whole place.

So colorful and such a great mural.

More restaurants and shops.

Another day with the Pentax ist D and the FA 28-80 lens.  I've gotten my work flow down and what used to take me a few weeks it only takes a day to do with the editing and stuff. 
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