Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pentax Kx Battery Grip Mod

1 Get a grip for a Canon xt usually around twenty dollars on EBay...

there are many I chose the SAKAR grip because it was the cheapest at 17 dollars. It feels as cheap as it is but it works good for me. Other grips are better made but cost more.

The canon xt is almost the same size as the kx but only slight difference and the grip will protrude a bit on one side but the SCREW will align fine with the camera's tripod mount. I also use this grip for my Pentax ist DS.

2 Remove all the screws that hold the metal plate and remove plate

3 Remove a small pin. This is a small pin that stabilizes the Canon to the grip...Pentax has no hole for this so take it out.

4 Remove the battery stalk by cutting the wires underneath it. The battery stalk should come off easily with the metal plate off. Its held together by a band of wires just snip them off and tuck the wires in the hole.

5 Use a dremmel or hack saw or whatever tools you have to remove a bit of the PLASTIC EDGING to make the grip top surface flush.

6 Put metal plate back on

7 To protect the underside of the camera I used a Neoprene mat that I got at Micheal's for 95 cents. Cut to the size of the grip and then glue. This will protect the camera from scratches also seal the hole where the battery stalk use to be.

8 You will also have to add a piece of Velcro by the camera's battery door and this helps the camera from slipping side to side since we've taken off the stabilization pin that holds this firm to the Canon rebel. I use the small round Velcro dots work great.

9 Use AA batteries in the battery holder to all weight to the grip. I have two dummy batteries and four Enegizer rechargeables that I don't use anymore to add weight. Six was too heavy for me but you can adjust to what you suits you.

STORAGE: The grip can also be used to store extra SD cards and spare set of batteries simply by talking the battery holder out and utilizing the empty space for your stuff.

STABILITY: For me the extra weight really adds stability to the camera and I believe it improves the SR since the extra weight adds some resistance to the small light camera. But the best thing is if you need a small camera just take the grip off. I have also thought about adding lights the grip for Video using LED's.