Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where you least expect it...Pentax Kx

Pentax Kx, 18-55 DAL

Happy New Year Everyone. I was iffy about how and where and when to start a blog. But -a just happened, came to me sort of deal - brought me to this place. Actually is was Picasa.

My family had come to visit and I drove them down to Ft Lauderdale for their wonderful 7 day cruise. I wish i could have gone but maybe i would not have seen this splendid and beautiful thing. It was on the way back and I had my camera in my bag. An Xmas gift to myself. Something new in a world where everything is so old.

The Pentax Kx is truly an amazing little machine.

I was driving about 90, probably breaking a law or two as i grabbed the camera sitting at my side, holding the steering wheel firmly with my knees. I flipped the switched and shot about five or six rounds to get this one. It had been a long day of driving, three hours there and three hours back but i would have never seen this if i had not done it.

Just goes to show you, you never know where and when you will see a thing of beauty or where life will lead you. Sometimes you have just go with the flow and it will usually lead you where you need to be. With my new Pentax Kx I think I'm ready to see and capture the world in a whole new way.