Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pentax a work in ART

All shots: Pentax *istDS - Pentax-a 35-80 Smc F 35-80/4-5.6 Macro Zoom
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Getting back to it all i forgot how much fun photography can be. All these pictures were taken using a desk lamp with a 5600k fluorescent bulb in a home made macro studio. I then ran them through picasa and had fun. I didn't have to work with people just a full session of creativity.

I really do feed off doing things that are new and on the edge. When i first got my cameras it was like this for me. A joy because everything was new. But doing photography on a daily basis things just get so trite. Even looking at other people's work and magazines you see its the same style same lighting everyone doing the same cookie cutter work out there.

It's interesting how the light can engulf a subject, how the light can hit it an angle and create shadows. The last one was inspired by Melissa Rodwell. I saw her video tutorial on shooting a model and she had a blurred image like this with her model. It came out really good.

All these pictures were taken with a Pentax ist DS. I have a newer one and i'm selling the older one. The camera has really been there for me. And who knows where the new kx will lead me. I find I spend more time just reading about the camera than actually using it but the weather has been bad and I've had my weekend occupied my too many outside forces. Hopefully i will find my balance again and start having some fun.