Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Shoot

Taking ideas from movies can make a great theme for a photo shoot, after all movies are photography. These are some of top pix from my recent model shoot. Getting the shots is one thing, then the creativity starts. With Photoshop and Lightroom anything is possible.
All these pictures were captured with a Pentax Kx...wonderful little camera. Very fast, great image quality, and most shot with the kit lens. The images were then worked on in LightROOM and PHotoSHop. Any noise was eliminated with Noise Ninja a great program as well. In Lightroom I used various of the 300 free presets available online. Its just a matter of trial and error. I basically took each photograph and made dozens of virtual copies modified in various ways and kept the ones I liked the best. It was a learning process for me as this Photographic Journey continues.
The colors on these are very vibrant and that's because I've been using the LAB color space in photoshop. It just makes the colors POP. I used to think that my camera was very saturated before but this is miles ahead of everything else.